Parking Lot Maintenance

Your parking lot is a big investment it only makes sense to protect that investment. Rain, ice, petroleum spills and heavy loads can wreak havoc on your paved areas.  A yearly evaluation and seal coating can prevent the untimely replacement of your parking lot. With proper care, your parking lot can last up to 20 – 25 years!

If your parking lot is already in disrepair don’t wait, call now for a free evaluation! If you have any depressions accompanied by several cracks this can indicate base failure. We can fix just about any pothole, crack or drainage problem you are experiencing.

Seal Coating

A fresh Seal Coating once a year helps protect your paved areas from water, oxidation, salt, oil, gas and UV rays that can lead to the premature deterioration of your parking area. Seal Coating can also make it easier to clean and maintain because it provides a nice smooth and protected surface making removing snow, sweeping and pressure washing much easier and. The best part of seal coating is that it is a great cost-effective way to protect your parking area for years to come saving you money.